What is it that most often turns us away from an otherwise perfect house? In smaller and older homes especially it tends to be the closets, or the lack of closets. And sometimes that is what makes us want to move from our current home.

Closet organization using cabinets, storage shelves, and hanging rods will organize every shirt, suit, or sweater in your custom closet. Corner shelves maximize storage space and provide just the right place for purses, extra pillows, blankets, and other bulky items.  

We focus on the details. Chattanooga Closet Company systems are custom-built, so we can create a perfect storage system that’s a perfect fit for your space and style. With our huge variety of color and style choices, we can custom design and custom build a closet organizer for a kid's closet, a teenager's closet, or a master bedroom closet.

Chattanooga Closet Company specializes in making the most of the space you have. So whether you need to better use your current space or even need help designing closet space for a new home, no matter how big or small, we are eager to help. We design and install solutions for walk-in closets as well as smaller closets. Our mission is to help you do away with clutter and get organized!

Walk-In Closets
A walk-in closet can be just big enough to turn around in or as big as a room. We can design and install beautiful and practical solutions for any size space.

Reach-In Closets
Reach-in closets are typically found in older homes or smaller bedrooms of newer homes. Often neglected, these are usually the spaces that need the most help. And while you may stare at it every day wondering how to clean up the clutter, we will know exactly what to do. Most of the time what’s missing is the use of your vertical space.

Do you have a room that doesn’t have a closet or needs additional storage space? We have solutions for that too. Our modular solutions are custom designed to merge beauty and space into an effective solution for your situation.

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