So you buy a new car and the insurance agent asks “Is it garage kept?” Do you say yes to make sure you get that little extra discount? Can you even get your car in the garage?

The truth is that most garages today are collection areas for ‘stuff’ – bicycles, boxes, golf clubs, toys, sports equipment, tool boxes, lawn mowers, etc. Of course, for most of us that is the only place we have to store those items. And most people do not have the time or expertise to organize their garages to make good use of the space they have. We can help.

We love garages! They are large spaces that are usually easy to organize with the right design and materials. That is the key – we design the storage solution first and then we install what is designed and approved by you.

Work Benches/Areas
A well designed work area makes finding and using tools easier.

Cabinets and Shelves
You shouldn’t have to unstack and re-stack totes and boxes every time you need something. We can design and install garage shelving, racks, and cabinet storage solutions that are more efficient AND safer.

Some things are perfect for hanging but they need to be hung in the right place with strong, safely installed hangers.

Garage Organization Gallery