The Process

We start our process with a free in home design consultation.  Our designers first ask the question “ What are your hopes and dreams for your space?”  We then take detailed measurements, consider your clothes, shoes, ties, golf clubs, hunting stuff, you get the picture.  We even note where your electrical plugs and vents go. 

We then design on a 3D computer program that fully uses your space, is pleasing to your eyes and meets your budget.  We then invite you back to our show room where we have 17 vignettes to help give you an idea of what your space will look like.  We feature many different materials, accessories and finishes.  Our goal of having a showroom is for you to be able to experience our quality before you buy.  So, whether you are considering a master closet, pantry, garage or even a wall bed, we have solutions for you.

Once we have agreed to your design, we then schedule your installation.  Our installers will be able to install your dream space in usually one to two days.  We take great care in respecting your home, your time and your money. 

Our process is not over until our designer makes a last visit to make sure you the customer are completely happy with our service.