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One of the most desired features of a dream home is an amazing closet. Whether you can walk in or can barely see the floor, all closets can become great with lasting organization and practical storage systems. When you book your free consultation design, we will curate your dream closet all customized from your personal style. By focusing on decluttering and enhancing the closet you already have, the experience of choosing your outfit each day will become pleasant and easier.

When working on a closet, our designers focus on all of the details. We take into account the owner of the closet, a teenager, a young kid, or perhaps a Mom, and provide them a custom build that includes a variety of textures, colors, and appealing style. No matter if the closet will be used for one year or for one’s lifetime, the closets we install and make over are timeless in their function and design.

  • Walk in closets: Walk in closets provide so much space, but the key is making that space the most effective for you. Chattanooga Closet Co. can take your walk-in closet to a new level: we add storage units, hanging rods, and drawers to your personal preference.
  • Reach in closets: Reach in closets can be tricky to organize. These types of closets are usually found in older homes or smaller bedrooms. Without a door and space to walk through, our designers can take these limitations and make them manageable for you. We maximize the existing vertical for storage, and stack boxes on top of each other for space.
  • Modular/wardrobes: Do you have a room that is in need of extra storage but has no closet? Don’t worry: we also custom built modular closets or wardrobes with a flexible design and arrangement. Our modular solutions are custom designed to combine beauty and space for the most premier storage unit.


02 Closet Belt Rack
03 Closet White
04 Closet Wood
05 Closet Wood Shelves
06 Closet Wood Sliders
07 Closet Slider Rack
09 Closet Slider Pole
08 Closet Fancy White Open
10 Closet Fancy White Closed
11 Closet Fancy White Jewelry 01
12 Closet Fancy White Jewelry 02
13 Closet Fancy Blue
14 Closet Fancy Blue Mirror
15 Closet Fancy Blue Clothes
Blind Corner
Custom Closet
Custom Closet
Custom Closet
Custom Closet In Medium Tone Wood Finish Covering Two Walls Of A Closet. One Wall Has Double Hanging And The Other Wall Has Shelves For Shoes On The Left And Then On The Right Two Banks Of Drawers On The Bottom And Cabinets Above.
Custom Closet With Two Sections Of Shelves On Top And Hanging Clothes On The Bottom And A Shoe Cabinet With Doors In The Middle.
Cusom Closet With Shelves, Hanging And Shoe Cabinet To The Left, Hanging To The Right, A Bank Of Drawers And Cabinets On The Back And An Island With A Laundry Hamper And Marble Top In The Center.
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