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Is Your Garage Too Overwhelming to Look at?

Garages are the most active part of a home: it is opened and closed all day, walked through and left behind 24/7. You may set aside Saturdays every once in a while to revamp your garage and it goes back to its clutter right away, leaving you unmotivated to upkeep the space. However, Chattanooga Closet Co. is skilled at redesigning garage spaces, and taking all of your garage necessities to a premier level of storage and organization. Our purpose is to provide smart garage solutions that work for you.

How Do We Help Organize Your Garage?

With a free design consultation, we inspect your garage while brainstorming designs that take the customer’s vision and goals for the space as a priority. Whether you have sports equipment, holiday decorations, bikes, or hardware, any amount of materials can be organized with our solutions.

Floor to Ceiling Garage Storage:

A perfect way to maximize garage space is having installed floor to ceiling storage. We have multiple garage organizers in numerous finishes, which you can see in our showroom, located in Downtown Chattanooga. Once you meet with your garage designer, you will be able to select a finish from our garage organizers, based on your needs for the custom installation and space.

Work Benches/ Areas:

Work benches alleviate pain from standing up for many hours, and can help store various tools like hammers, screwdrivers, and other hardware. Having a workbench can elevate your garage from just a storage unit to a clean working area.

Cabinets and Shelves:

Do you ever hesitate to grab what you need because you don’t think you can reach it? With our custom cabinet and shelving installations, access to your garage materials becomes efficient and safe. Instead of climbing ladders, we build raised cabinets of any size that can hold totes, boxes, and all types of seasonal items.


Some items in a garage are stored at best when they are hanging from the ceiling. With safely installed sturdy hangers, we can hang horizontal lockers to hold materials you may only use once a year, like a Christmas tree or decorative lights. Manufactured in Chattanooga, customers can be sure that their custom solution is the best, most lasting solution for their garage.


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