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Although you may not have a garage or pantry in mind, some rooms of your space may just need better organization. Or, maybe you are looking for a way to organize your office supplies in your work space. In this case, we design custom storage and organizational systems that you can implement in just one corner or area of your home. We also specialize in finding the best solution for atypical spaces that have an intricate layout. Our company is based on finding special solutions to fit all types of spaces.

Even adjusting a nook or corner in your home can completely transform your space. For example, we specialize in turning extra bedrooms into multi purpose spaces, like a shared office or at home workout center. We also install Murphy beds, which are in wall beds hinged to the wall, easily pulled down for relaxation and tucked back into the wall when the extra space is needed.

We also install storage and organization solutions for your home or company office. From building the perfect shaped desk, creating floating shelves on the walls, or installing organizational systems in your drawers, we make solutions for every corner of your home.

Whether it’s a gift station, toy closet, game shelving, or holiday storage bins, Chattanooga Closet Co. is equipped to custom organize levels of your home and family needs.


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